Our clients really appreciate that we can provide them with every IT-related product or service that they could possibly need.  They enjoy the convenience, time and cost savings that comes from partnering with one responsive IT firm who can simply handle it all.  Here’s a brief list of some of the products our clients purchase directly from us:

Custom PCs & Servers
Our in-house shop can design and build custom PCs and servers precisely to match your needs.  We also offer fully refurbished systems, complete with warranties.

VoIP Phones & Systems
In addition to providing fully hosted, professionally managed Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions, we can custom build and configure systems for on-premise use.  We also carry a broad selection of VoIP handsets and video phones at multiple price points.

Audio / Video
The worlds of IT and A/V are converging and Annexus can help you to capitalize on the benefits.  Whole-office distributed audio, executive A/V systems, videoconferencing and in-office theater systems are some of the ways that we can integrate the latest exciting tech into your workplace.

PC Peripherals
From desktop printers to large format plotters and from big, bright flat-panel monitors to left-handed mice, Annexus is a great source for all of the devices that help you get the job done.

Data Storage
One of the few constants of information management is the perpetual need for larger, faster and more efficient methods of storing and retrieving data.  From miniature portable storage devices to huge rackmounted disk farms, we have it covered.


Printers aren’t worth much without toner or ink. The big office suppliers aren’t always the most cost-effective  option.  Check with us before that next toner order!

Other Small Business IT Needs
Here are links for several solutions needed by virtually every small business.  These vendors are valued Annexus Partners and we install and support all of the products found here.  By clicking these links and purchasing products from these folks, you’ll be sending a few shekels back to us.  THANK YOU!

Contact us for more information about these services, or just to chat about your ideas on custom product solutions might benefit your business!